Kimmy, Liza, and Luisa are real-life friends, actors, and writers living in New York & Lisbon. They produce PSYCHODRAMA as CHIX Productions and play versions of themselves in the series (note, versions). Also, they all saw the same therapist at one point.


Liza Renzulli suffers from numerous food allergies and also acid reflux. She can’t stop burping at the moment, because she had a beer. She studied at Northwestern University, because she didn’t into Columbia early decision, which is probably one of the reasons she ended up in therapy to begin with. She is a part-time vegan and full time hypocrite. She has a day job at a theatre company where she is a professional clown-wrangler.


Luisa Fidalgo is Portuguese, and therefore more interesting than you. She created and stars in The Coffee Shop Series, which is on National TV in Portugal, so there! She has dated a cacophony of DJs and models. She is known for her emphatic exclamations, her excellent taste in music, and her superhuman ability to feel comfortable dancing alone in any situation. She knows how to rock a romper, which is a truly rare and under-appreciated skill. She’s not technically in America right now, so she didn’t technically write this bio.

by Inês Cunha


Kimmy Foskett enjoys whiskey and tall, well-manicured men. She hails from Boston, and has studied at NYU and Boston College. She transferred because of a torrid affair with her professor. Kidding. It was more of a compatibility thing. She has a day job watching children, and a night job protecting the citizens of Gotham from evil. She sometimes falls asleep with potato chips in her bed, especially the cheddar ruffles ones. Her next project will be an autobiographical art film entitled “Drunkypants”.